You are invited to walk these paths and discover the Chios island.

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The trail starts from the monastery of Agioi Pateres. After walking on the asphalt paved road for about 200 m, we reach the entrance to the footpath, where there is an informational sign.
A few meters further on, the easily discernible footpath gives way to the old stone-paved road, which is well preserved and relatively wide; it is supported on equally well preserved dry stonework.
For practically the whole way the stone-paved road and the stone steps moderating the steep roadside margin are in good repair and easy to negotiate. The route snakes its way down to the Nea Moni monastery.
Along almost the entire route, we look down on the building complex of Nea Moni. Mt. Penthodos and the Monastery of Agios Markos that stands on its summit are facing us. The view of the town of Chios and the coast of Asia Minor is breathtaking.
At higher elevations along the route the ground is rocky with sparse vegetation and the remains of burnt pine trees. In many places the natural regeneration of the forest is apparent.
The lower we descend, the thicker the vegetation. At the sides of the footpath we see strawberry trees, wild olive trees, wild grapevines, oregano, thorny burnet, and many naturally regenerated clumps of young Calabrian pines.
Close to Nea Moni the landscape changes and we see olive groves and tall cypress trees.
Before we come to the historic monastery, which also marks the end of the trail, we pass the chapel of Agios Loukas, which is the cemetery church for Nea Moni.


his trail begins from the main road at the point where the Armolia ceramics workshops are located. We take the country road, passing through the plain planted with olive and mastic trees. Here the land is exclusively given over to farming. The country road goes as far as the point where the uphill climb begins; there the incline is steeper. We come to a resting area with wooden benches and tables, as well as the remains of buildings dating from the time of the fortress; what they were used for remains a mystery, however. Our route continues over a footpath that slopes up sharply among pines, kerm oaks, mastic trees and strawberry trees. Continuing up the steep slope, the view widens to include the plain and the village of Armolia, Vrettos Monastery, and in the distance the village of Kalamoti and Komi beach. Nearer the Castle, the landscape changes to rocky with low vegetation. The village of Patrika has now become part of our view. The last few meters of our hike are up the man-made steps that end on the eastern side of the fortress at a point where the wall has collapsed, giving us access to the interior. To our right stands the biggest and strongest tower of the fortress.


From Olympoi we follow the signs to the Anessomata locale, and cross the plain, where cultivated mastic, olive and fig trees predominate. We climb up the slope and in a few minutes we have reached the highest point of the trail. Here we encounter the chapel of Agios Antonios, where the ground is flat and there are a number of cypress trees and a picnic and rest area with an astounding view. The footpath continues downhill. We walk along the bank of the stream, among pines, kerm oaks, strawberry trees, oaks and mastic trees. We have a panoramic view of the village of Mesta before us, as we pass through fields with old dry stone walls that form step terraces. As we descend, we come to the old aqueduct with the stone wells and a spring. The old, well-preserved stone-paved path leads to Mesta.


The Fa area is hot served by public transport. The length of the trail and the steep ground may be tiring in summertime.
Beginning from Fa, we find the starting point for our hike on the asphalt road from Agios Giorgios Sikoussis to Avgonima.
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Despite of which hiking trail you choose to take or monument to visit, we strongly advise you to first request information from the ‘’Information Desk’’ on weather conditions, regulations and any relative information that you might need.
Moreover, in case of need for transportation from the complex to the starting point and from the finish point back to the accommodation, our staff will be happy to arrange it, as long as we have an early request of at least one day before.


Must See …

Chios island is full of beautiful beaches and many worth visiting sites, villages, monasteries, etc.
Visiting the museums and the Koraes Library is a great way to discover the culture and history of the region. Walking around the town and the narrow streets of the villages, or attending the local folklore festivals and cultural events is a great way to discover the spirit of Chios.
If you don’t feel like doing something extreme and you only want to drive your car around and see beautiful places and landscapes, Chios offers you many choices. Below, you can see some of the most popular destinations.

Best Sites
Nea Moni
Virgin Sikelia
Giustiniani Palace
Best Beaches
Mavra Volia
Aghia Fotia
Megas Limnionas

but Chios is much more than that….

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